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Lenny FeldmanLenny Feldman
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Importers & Customs Brokers Now Strongly Encouraged to Conduct Business in Customs’ Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) to Ensure Cargo Clearance Efficiencies and Savings Starting November 1st

Although the U.S. administration has mandated that the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) will  become the single window by October 1, 2016 for filing all import and export information for the cargo process, mandatory use of ACE for all electronic cargo release and related entry summary filing is just around the corner, slated for November 1, 2015.  This means that importers and/or their customs brokers who have not migrated to the new automated system by that time likely will find themselves with substantially delayed CBP release times and potentially more intense scrutiny by the partner government agencies (PGAs) that have hold authority over U.S. imports and exports.

To prepare accordingly, importers and/or brokers need to confirm that their Automated Broker Interface (ABI) software vendors are certified for ACE and already successfully filing cargo releases and entry summary transactions through the new system.  Additionally, importers should consider working with their customs brokers to participate in the controlled, technical tests just made available through ACE to file PGA message set data  (electronic data elements) or Document Image System or “DIS” (PDF copies of documents) to the fourteen (14) partner government agencies that will require ACE-transmitted information starting November 1st.  These pilot tests are being rolled out throughout the country and really will give importers and brokers a “leg up” on using the new system before it becomes mandatory.

The pilot types and estimated launch dates for each PGA are as follows.  Please take note of the PGAs that are most relevant to your product line.




Exhibit Now!
U.S. Customs Commissioner to Speak at Air Cargo & SeaCargo Americas

The Air Cargo / SeaCargo Americas Exhibition is 85% sold.

Turkish Cargo and Accenture have joined Miami intl. Airport, PortMIAMI, DHL, UPS, Florida East Coast Industries, Magaya, Miami-Dade College as sponsors of the 2015 show.

The Air Cargo/SeaCargo Steering Committee has developed a comprehensive 2.5 day conference featuring senior executives such as:

  • R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, DHS
  • Jim Butler, President, American Airlines Cargo
  • Ambassador Donna J. Hrinack, Corporate Vice President, The Boeing Company & President, Boeing Brazil and Latin America
  • Mathieu Floreani, CEO for the Americas, DHL Group Global Forwarding
  • Romaine Seguin, President-Americas Region, UPS International
  • Donald Francey, Head of Key Clients, SeaLand
  • Adam Cunha, Presidential Advisor-Cargo Business, Viracopos Aeroports-Brasil
  • Rene Puche, Director, Port of Barranquilla