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US Customs Border Protection's Priority Trade Issues (PTI's) amidst COVID-19

As "the front lines" for this country, especially now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, US Customs Border Protection agents have a responsibility to enforce US trade laws prior to merchandise arriving at our ports, once it arrives and even after merchandise is released into the marketplace. USCBP are at the front lines and are in charge of balancing the facilitation of legitimate trade that supports economic growth with the duty to shield the public and businesses from unsafe products.

Priority Trade Issues (PTI's) represent high risk areas that can cause significant revenue loss, harm the economy or threaten the health and safety of the American people.

Currently the CBP PTIs (priority trade issues) include:

Agriculture and Quota

Anti-dumping and Countervailing

Import Safety

Intellectual Property Rights


Textiles/Wearing Apparel

Trade agreements

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