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Impact shipping needs shift to products in high demand at port Miami

As international trade shifts into a new era of supply chain management our Senior Vice President and COO, Alice Ancona was featured in a recent interview along with Megan Conyers, Executive Vice President at Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association on how Miami's trade community has already transformed.

Alice Ancona with World Trade Center Miami says, “Trade has changed. Trade is tied to consumer demand. We are all at home. So we are not buying the same things we used to. All of a sudden we see a one-thousand percent increase in trade with Ireland. We see 100 percent increase with the UK and places like Hungry which produce medical devices, pharmaceuticals, products all those things dealing with the pandemic. Ireland makes 50% of the world’s ventilators.”

“Most of the supply chains are prioritizing the essential items: Medicine, food, water, toilet paper. All of the things coming into the country that we need. Consumers need to be a little more patient,” said Conyers.

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