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Commentary: Ivan Barrios, President & CEO, World Trade Center Miami Focusing on Innovation

This was recently shared on Linkedin by President & CEO, Ivan Barrios:

"The global pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, causing shortages and price increases. These disruptions will be more noticeable in the weeks and months to come, as consumers buying habits change and countries restrict exports of medical supplies and food. Manufacturers across the globe are experience shortages of components and supplies to manufacture their products, therefore limiting their exports.

Manufacturers looking to become more resilient and are exploring ways to diversify their supply chains, so they are not reliant from supplies from one country.

The New York Ties article “It’s the End of the World Economy as We Know It” explores how globalization and trade will be changing soon.

At the World Trade Center Miami, we are closely monitoring these changes. Our trade shows, the Americas Food & Beverage Show and the Air Cargo Americas and Supply Chain Americas Show will be focusing on these changes in the next few years and provide opportunities and resources to manage our new business environment."

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Find President & CEO, Ivan Barrios' Linkedin Profile here.

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