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Best Exports

Each year, the World Trade Center Miami produces a list of the leading product export opportunities in the Western Hemisphere. These data are obtained from a variety of market related documents. To obtain market and product specific information, please call the World Trade Center Miami at (305) 871-7910.


Commercial Sector

- Agricultural machinery & parts / irrigation equipment

  • High capacity  tractors

- Alternative energy equipment

- Electronic security equipment

  • Access Control: biometrics on IP networks
  • Intelligent Surveillance Systems; smart cameras and intelligent software for identification of pedestrians; CCTV on IP networks-industry specific security systems; equipment parts and software for automotive, banking, airports, ports, warehouses, mines, highways, utilities, hospitals, and construction sites
  • High-tech security equipment for Police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Safety and security design consulting services.

- Food processing & packaging equipment and parts

  • machines for cleaning, sorting or grading seed, grain or dried leguminous vegetables

- Information & communications technology

  • network implementation, management and maintenance, legacy applications, wireless LANs, RTE (real time infrastructure) implementations, remote operation processing, back-up, critical mission services, disaster recovery systems, internet and network security

- Medical equipment & instruments

- Mining machinery & equipment

- Plastics machinery & equipment

- Sporting goods

- Travel & tourism services

Agricultural Sectors

- Animal genetics

- Food ingredients

·       Whey; dried vegetables; dried fruit and nuts; citrus peel; spices; potato flakes; granules and pellets; wheat starch; corn starch; potato starch; wheat gluten; herbs; extracts of licorice; extracts of hops; pectic substances; agar-agar; glycerol; extracts of meat, fish and crustaceans; maple sugar and maple syrup; glucose; fructose; cane; molasses; cocoa powder; malt extract; potato preparations (not frozen); extracts of coffee and tea; yeasts; soy sauce; protein concentrates and textured protein substances; gelatin; nondairy coffee whiteners; cream and milk substitutes; sugar substitutes; essential oils; casein; albumins; peptones; dextrins; glues; ingredients for functional foods and for the beverage industry; nutraceuticals; algae omega 3; nutritional and health ingredients; and natural antioxidants

- Planting seeds

·       Alfalfa, yellow corn, clover, rye grass, and fescue

·       Seeds from vegetable crops and lawn grass seed




Agricultural Sectors

- Miscellaneous edible preparations

·       Baby food products

·       Cereal and cereal preparations

·       Fruits and vegetables

·       Grocery items

·       Meat and meat preparations

Non-Agricultural Goods and Services

- Machinery and transport equipment

- Machinery: equipment used in hotels and restaurants

- Transport equipment: motor vehicles and parts, ships and other transport equipment

·       Boating equipment and supplies

·       Energy efficient vehicles

·       Vehicle parts and accessories

- Medicinal and pharmaceutical products

·       Medical equipment and supplies

- Pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products

- Office machines and ADP equipment, telecommunications equipment

·       Cell phones

·       Computers, equipment and supplies

·       Telecommunications equipment

- Tourism services: restaurants, tourist attractions and activities

·       Destination management services

·       Entertainment industry

·       Hotel management services

·       Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry

·       Tourism consultants



Commercial Sectors

- Aerospace: aircraft and parts/ airports

·       Aircraft accessories

·       Aircraft control systems

·       Avionics and systems

·       Baggage handling equipment

·       Baggage X-rays

·       Equipment for drug and explosive detectors

·       Flight protection systems, passenger bridges

·       Helicopters

·       Parts and components for helicopters

·       Radar systems

- Electrical power systems

·       Distribution

·       Renewable energy

·       Transmission


- Airports

- Information Technologies

  • Cellphone services
  • Satellites
  • Broadband
  • Power Line Communications (PLC)
  • Pay TV Market
  • Auction of 3.5 GHz WiMAX bands still on hold:

- Environmental

·       Healthcare waste treatment technologies

·       Laboratory instruments

·       Odor control products, recycling technologies, etc.

·       Soil/water contamination treatment equipment and services

- Safety and security

  • Energy/water saving and treatment technologies; advanced water treatment (filtration), water loss prevention solutions, “intelligent valves”, efficient water distribution and reuse projects, water saving devices, and rain water systems.

- Franchising

- Insurance

·       Health insurance

·       Life insurance

·       Pension insurance

·       Property & casualty insurance

·       Reinsurance

o   Actuarial expertise

o   Aerospace

o   Large risk segment

o   Law firms

o   Marine – platforms, cargo ships, etc.

o   Service providers

o   Software companies

o   Warranty

- Medical equipment

·       Advanced medical equipment

·       Disposables

·       Diagnostic devices

·       Implants and components

- Mining

- Oil and gas

- Pharmaceuticals

- Safety and security

·       Access control

·       Alarm systems

·       Biometrics

·       CCTVs

·       Cellular telephone blockers

·       Drug and explosive detectors

·       Fire prevention and detection systems

·       Home security equipment

·       Metal detectors

·       Surveillance technology

- Transportation (ports / railways)

- Travel and tourism



- Food Processing and Packaging Equipment

- Consumer Goods



Agricultural Sectors

Commercial Sectors

- Foodservice

·       Fresh fruit

·       Fresh vegetables

·       Organic food

·       Processed fruit and vegetables

·       Red meats

·       Snack food

- Medical devices

·       Magnetic resonance imaging

·       Other medical electro-diagnostic and patient monitoring

·       Ultrasonic scanning

·       Ultraviolet and infrared

·       X-ray equipment computed tomography

- Safety and security equipment

·       Electronically managed data and proprietary systems

·       Electronic physical access control systems: biometric, smart card etc.

·       Airport  Security Equipment

- Agricultural machinery and equipment

·       Mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids/powders for agri/horticulture

·       Seeders, planters and transplanters

- Aerospace and defense

·       Civil & Military Aircraft parts

·       Air craft engines and  engine parts

·       Air surveillance systems

·       Aircraft maintenance, repair and over haul

- Consumer electronics  

- Travel and tourism  

- Automotive aftermarket parts & accessories/service equipment

·       Motor Vehicle Electric and Electronic Equipment

·       Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer

·       Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components

- Computer hardware

·       Network attached storage and storage area networks

·       Notebooks, specifically netbooks

·       Volume servers

- Telecommunications equipment  

·       "Green IT" products

·       Mobile phones which overcome the convergence compromise

·       Simple cellular phones

·       Software as a Service (SaaS)

·       Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

- Computer software  

·       "IT Security" and "Green IT"

·       Second generation of Internet-based technologies

·       Software as a Service (SaaS)

- Oil and gas field machinery  

·       Specialty mining and extraction equipment/services for Alberta’s oil sands

·       Exploration and drilling services; refinery equipment

·       Pipeline construction equipment

·       Environmental remediation technology and services

·       Safety and security equipment and services

-Travel &Tourism

·       Cross-Border Shopping

·       Sightseeing

·       Sports Tourism

·       Time Share / Second Home Investment

·       Medical Tourism



Agricultural Sector

- Bulk commodities

- Intermediate products

- Food ingredients for food processing sector

- Consumer-oriented products for the retail sector

- High-value food products for institutional food service

·       Animal feed

·       Coarse grains

·       Cotton

·       Dairy products

·       Forest products

·       Live animals

·       Pet food

·       Planning seeds

·       Processed fruits and vegetables

·       Snack foods

·       Tree nuts

·       Wheat

-Agricultural Equipment

  • Precision agriculture equipment
  • Fresh fruit harvesting equipment
  •  Irrigation systems and equipment

Commercial Sectors

- Computer hardware/software/services

·       Antivirus with pro-active protection: software that monitors computer processes by detecting threats and eliminating viruses

·       More memory capacity with every model; some models with as much as 250GP, for fast and optimal performance; laptops including CD/DVC copying capabilities; cards for wireless internet access

- Construction

·       Hotels (5 & 4 star, mountain, lake and beach resorts)

·       Low cost homes (it is highly recommended to partner with a Chilean counterpart)

·       Malls (Wal-Mart has announced the development of 60 new stores in Chile)

·       Mining & general industry construction

·       Private buildings (offices, hotels, first & second homes)

·       Public works (BOT projects: highways, airports, ports, hospitals)

- Electric Power Equipment

·       Clean coal technology plants

·       Combined-cycle gas fired plants

·       Dual gas/diesel fired plants

·       Electric control instruments

·       Environmental solution services

·       Geothermal plants

·       High efficiency transformers

·       High efficiency transmission equipment and supplies, aimed to transfer electric energy

·       Hydro-generation plants

·       NOx, particle and CO2 abatement equipment

·       Scrubbers, fume treatment technology and equipment

·       Signal conditioners

·       Solar panels for water heating

·       Thermal-generation plants

·       Wind generation plants


  • Hydro-generation plants
  • Thermal-generation plants in the range of 100 MW - 300 MW
  • Clean coal technology
  • Combined-cycle gas fired plants and support systems
  • Dual gas/diesel fired plants
  •  Geothermal plants
  • Wind generation plants
  •  Solar panels for water heating

- Food processing and packaging equipment

- Healthcare/medical sector

- Mining equipment

·       360 degree revolving excavators

·       Cabbed truck chassis (+ 50 tons)

·       Cranes and screening machines

·       Crushers

·       Environmental system solutions

·       Grinders

·       Off-road trucks (240-440 tons)

·       Parts for rock cutters

·       Underground mining technology services

·       Wear-resistant materials

- Pollution control equipment and services

·       Consulting and engineering services

·       Domestic or municipal solid waste: recollection, transport, and building of landfills, especially outside of Santiago; solid and hazardous waste management and disposal

·       Environmental impact assessment

·       Hospital waste: container compressor systems or other financially viable systems; safe waste-handling implements; autoclave machines, vapor sterilization and related services

·       Industrial hazardous solid waste: plastic/rubber liners for disposal sites; hazardous/hermetic storage containers and drums; recollection and disposal of construction and mining waste

·       Water and waste water treatment: project design and construction of water treatment plants; preventive maintenance techniques in water treatment plants, such as vibration, laser alignment, oil dialysis and others; models for the study of hydrodynamic behavior within certain processes; biological biosolid evaporation processes and the latest generation biosolid evaporation systems

- Safety and security equipment

- Telecommunication

- Travel and tourism

·       Tourism packages that offer a combination of airline tickets, hotel, car rental and attractions Cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and other destinations

·       Sports packages offering golf and skiing have great demand due to opposite

 seasons between Chile and the United States

·       Amusement parks and attractions for children, such as Disney, MGM Studios, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild, Bush Garden and others

·       Studying English as a second-language has an increased demand in high school and with college students and young business people

·       Conventions and trade shows

·       Shopping packages which include airline ticket, hotel, and transportation to shopping outlets

·       Cultural activities, concerts and other related events



Agricultural Sector

- Corn

- Cotton

- Soy products

- Soybeans

- Wheat

Commercial Sectors

- Air cargo services

- Automotive parts and accessories

- Building materials

- Computers and components

- Construction and mining equipment

- Electrical power systems

- Oil and gas machinery and services

- Plastics materials and resins

- Safety and security

- Telecommunications equipment and services

- Travel and tourism

- Food & beverage processing & packaging equipment

·       Bottling services (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

·       Brewery equipment

·       Dairy production equipment

·       Filling, sealing and capping

·       Heat exchangers

·       Horticulture packaging equipment

·       Mixing, grading and filtering apparatus

·       Preserved/canned meat and fish product

- Medical equipment

·       Dermatological and laser treatment apparel (boosted by medical tourism and expanding plastic surgery demand)

·       Diagnostic imaging equipment

·       Intensive care, cardiology, neurology and oncology related equipment

·       Laboratory equipment and consumables

·       Non-electrical medical, surgical, dental or veterinary instruments

·       Prosthetic devices

- Pollution control equipment

·       Air pollution monitoring and control equipment

·       Environmental services (consulting)

·       Pumps, valves

·       Solid waste hauling and disposal equipment

·       Water and wastewater treatment plants

·       Water pollution monitoring and control equipment


Costa Rica

Commercial Sectors

- Medical Equipment & Supplies

·       Ultrasonic scanning apparatus

·       Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus

·       Apparatus for functional exploratory examination, parts and accessories

·       Patient monitoring systems (pregnancy and breast detectors)

·       Bougies, catheters, drains, sondes and others

·       Serum, solutions and blood infusion and transfusion apparatus

·       Dental drill engines, dental burs, dental hand instruments and parts

·       Ophthalmic instruments and appliances, parts and accessories

·       Electro-medical instruments and appliances: defibrillators

·       Dialysis instruments and apparatus

- Construction equipment/building products

·       Imported building materials in high demand in Costa Rica are: gypsum board for ceiling, bath and shower faucets together with pipe valves, electric lamps and tubes, ceramic tiles for flooring and baths, door locks, locksets, architectural glass, and air conditioning equipment for commercial buildings

- Hotel and restaurant equipment

·       Barbecues and griddles

·       Cooking and warming apparatus

·       Electric commercial/industrial stoves

·       Freezers

·       Fryers

·       Ovens and ranges

·       Refrigerating equipment

- Electronic security equipment

- Dental equipment

- General consumer goods

·       Baking ware

·       Cooking ware

·       Silverware

Agricultural Sectors

- Corn

- Soybeans

- Wheat

- Rice

- Fresh Fruit

·       Apples

·       Cherries

·       Grapes

·       Nectarines

·       Peaches

·       Pears

·       Plums

- Processed fruit

·       Garbanzo beans and other canned beans

·       Mixed fruits

·       Mixed vegetables

·       Mushrooms

·       Peas

·       Yellow and sweet corn

- Snack foods

·       Candies

·       Mixed nuts

·       Popcorn

·       Potato chips

·       Salty snacks


Dominican Republic

Agricultural Sector

- Corn

- Dairy products

- Pulses, dried beans

- Rice

- Softwood and treated lumber

- Soybean meal

- Wheat

Commercial Sectors

- Building Products

  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Aluminum doors and windows
  • Bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Wood lumber and wood products
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Lighting products
  • Plumbing and welding products
  • Roof products (sealers)
  • Asphalt mixtures
  • Steel products
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Hand tools

Opportunities- Automobiles parts & services

·       Batteries

·       Brakes

·       Electrical parts for motor engines (fuses, sparks plugs, ignition distribution, etc.)

·       Parts for Japanese made light vehicles

·       Spare parts

·       Suspension shock absorbers

- Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

·       Air conditioners, both residential and commercial

·       Refrigeration equipment: industrial/ commercial (cold storage equipment for the food industry)

·       Refrigeration equipment: residential, especially freezers and refrigerators

- Medical equipment

·       Aids to daily living

·       Disposable supplies

·       Electro-medical equipment: electro-surgical instruments, electro-diagnostic apparatus

·       Homecare equipment (for respiratory and sleep related illnesses)

·       Mobility products

·       Surgical Instruments

- Hotel and restaurant equipment

·       Bed & table linen & towels

·       Kitchen appliances

·       Restaurant equipment and parts

·       Table and kitchen glassware

- Printing and graphic art equipment and supplies

·       Pre-press (used and new equipment)

·       Digital equipment

·       Wide-format printing equipment

·       Offset printing presses

·       Plotters

·       Cutters

·       Printing numbering machinery

·       Flexography equipment

·       Parts for printing machinery

·       Gravure printing machinery

·       Consumable supplies / Inks

- Computer hardware- Computers & peripherals

·       PCs, notebooks and PDAs

·       Printers, scanners and data-show projectors.

- Telecommunication equipment

·       Transmission equipment (voice, image, and data) and telephone sets.

- Renewable energy

·       Wind power equipment and supplies

·       Solar Energy production systems

·       Biomass equipment

·       Ethanol production equipment- Travel and tourism services

·       Attractions / theme parks

·       Car rentals

·       Convention center / visitors bureau services (meeting management services)

·       Hotel industry

·       Transportation services (air travel and ground transportation)

·       Wholesale of travel products and services

-       Travel & Tourism

·       Wholesale of travel products and services

·       Transportation services (air travel and ground transportation)

·       Car rentals

·       Hotel industry

·       Attractions / theme parks

·       Convention Center / Visitors Bureau services (meeting management services)



Commercial Sectors

- Printing and graphics arts

·       Digital technology

- Automotive Parts

·       Valves Pumps and water meters


- Plastics machinery, materials and resins

·       High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE)

·       Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

·       Polypropylene (PP)

- Orthopedic Equipment

·       Prostheses for hip and knee replacement

·        Orthotics for arms, legs, hands, and feet

·       Cervical collars

·        Splints

·       Braces

·       Abdominal supports

·       Traction

- Decontamination equipment

·       Containment booms

·       Organic absorption materials

·       Pads and rolls

·       Skimmers

Agricultural Sectors

- Corn

- Soybean meal

- Wheat

- Fresh fruit

·       Apples

·       Cherries

·       Nectarines

·       Oranges

·       Peaches

·       Pears

·       Plums


El Salvador

Agricultural Sectors

- Consumer-oriented products

·       Apples

·       Beef cuts for HRI and retail

·       Breakfast cereals

·       Cookies

·       Dairy products

·       Food processing Ingredients (i.e. raisins, concentrated juice, shelf extenders)

·       Fresh and frozen potatoes and hash browns

·       Grapes

·       Meat sausages

·       Pancake mixes

·       Pet foods (dog and cat)

·       Pork cuts for hotel/restaurant/institutional (HRI) and retail

·       Processed fruit and vegetables

·       Ramen style noodle soups

·       Salad dressings

·       Sardines

·       Snacks (including candies and chocolates)

·       Stone fruit

·       Wine

- Corn

- Rice

- Soybeans

- Wheat

Commercial Sectors

- Automotive parts and service equipment

  • Tires
  • Accessories
  • Engines
  • Filters
  • Accumulators
  • Wheels
  • Radiators
  • Sound systems
  • Alarms
  • Mufflers
  • Tire repair,
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Lubricants
  • Tire balancing
  • Compressors
  • Clutches,
  • Steering wheels,
  • Batteries
  • Auto paint,
  • Shop equipment,
  • Lifters
  • Cleaning products.

- Dental equipment

  • Tooth whitening
  • Crown preparation kits
  • Disposable products
  • Cements
  • Modeling pastes
  • Resins

- Printing and graphics

Spare parts

·       Ink,

·       Ink-jet printing equipment

·       Plates

·       Software

·        Films

·       Paper pulp

·       Cardboard paper.

- Travel and tourism

·       Trade Shows, Congresses and Conventions

·       Cruises

·       Theme Parks/Attractions

·       Hotel Operators and Services

·       Car rentals

·      Entertainment activities: sports events, music concerts.


Commercial Sectors

- Automotive: accessories and service equipment

·       Aftermarket products such as: bumpers, spoilers, tail lights, wheels, sound systems, alarms, tires, batteries, suspension kits, mufflers, filters, chips, exhaust systems, brakes, windshield wipers, spark plugs, wheel covers, steering wheels, etc.

·       Service equipment such as: lifts, tire repair, electronic diagnosis, tire balancing, compressors, and in general all necessary equipment and tools for service stations

- Construction equipment and building products

·       Bathroom wares and accessories

·       Ceramic floors and tiles

·       Doors and window frames

·       Dry wall

·       Electrical wiring, accessories and fixtures

·       Kitchen and laundry appliances

·       Kitchen cabinets and countertops

·       Plastic pipes and fixtures

·       Roads construction/paving equipment

·       Shingle and roof products

·       Structural metals

·       Supplies for heavy infrastructure and residential housing projects

·       Tractors

- Food processing and packaging

·       Automatic beverage-vending machines with refrigerating and heating devices

·       Cleaning, bottling, filling and sealing machines for bottles and cans

·       Cooking stoves, ranges, ovens, microwave ovens

·       Machinery and parts for food and beverage processing

·       Machinery for filling, closing, labeling plastic bags, and thermo-sealing

·       Machinery for the baking industry and for the preparation of candy, chocolate, sugar, dairy, beer, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables

·       Milling, grinding and handling machines for grains, cereals and legumes

·       Parts and supplies for use to cleanse, dry and seal containers

- Franchising

·       Fast food

·       Convenience services: dry cleaning, gyms, lawn and garden, professional painters, fast shoe repair, cosmetics, casual clothing, pest control, day-care/learning centers, computer centers, security, advertising, real estate, auto repair and shops, discount stores, fitness centers, beauty and esthetic shops and convenience store/pharmacies

- Computers and Peripherals

Agricultural Sectors

- Apples

·       Fuji

·       Gala

·       Golden delicious

·       Red delicious

- Beef

- Grapes

- Pork

- Poultry

- Rice (rough rice)

- Processed foods

·       Baking: pancake mixes; pre-mixes; bulk cake flours

·       Beverages: fruit concentrates and nectars; drink bases and syrups; soy flakes and soy powder; artificial fruit flavors

·       Deli meats: mechanically deboned meat (MDM); boneless picnic; pork bellies, trimmings and offal; flours (fillers)

·       Snacks: dehydrated potato flakes and powder; soy flakes; nuts; fruit fillings; raisins; pork skin pallets; whey powder, protein concentrates

·       Soups and broths: dehydrated



Agriculture Sector

- Diary products

- Birds eggs

- Animal feed

- Agricultural machinery

Commercial Sector

- Building materials

- Chemicals

- Consumer goods

- Electrical machinery & equipment

- Fuel & lubricants

- Grains

- Industrial machinery

- Manufactured goods

- Mining machinery

- Textiles & clothing

- Transport machinery



Agricultural Sector

  • Rice
  • Cereal products; malt, starch, insulin, wheat gluten
  • Meat and edible meat offal
  • Animal and vegetable fats, oils
  • Miscellaneous Food Preparations

Commercial Sector

-Apparel and textile

  • Cut fabric
  • Raw materials
  • Equipment to support assembly

-Machinery and transport

  • Heavy equipment for road construction
  • Watershed protection; bulldozers, excavators, and tractors.

-Telecommunications services and equipment

  • Fiber optics cable internet

-Electrical Power Systems

  • Solar Power  Generated Systems
  • Electrical  Power Generated Systems


·       Improvement of roads

·       Health service power supply,

·       Construction of hotels


Agricultural Sector

- Breakfast cereals

- Coarse grains

- Crackers / cookies / biscuits

- Pasta

- Red meat

- Soybean meal

- Temperate fruits, vegetables and fruit juices

- Wheat

- Wines and cheeses

Commercial Sectors

- Building products

·       Baths

·       Certain roofing materials

·       Electric lighting

·       Fixtures

·       Lavatory sets

·       Other bathroom

·       Porcelain sinks

·       Switches and other electric apparatus

·       Tools

- Safety and security equipment

·       Alarms

·       CCTV

·       Gate openers

·       Home security and door entry buzzers

- Telecommunications equipment

·       Cellular telephones and related apparatus

·       Color televisions

·       Parts for telecommunications equipment

·       Regular telephones

·       Telephone accessories

·       Transmission apparatus for telecommunications

- Drugs and pharmaceuticals

·       Medications for hypertension, respiratory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes

- Automotive parts and service equipment

·       Wheel rims

·       Shock absorbers

·       Clutch parts

·       Brake parts

·       Tires

·       Fancy accessories



Agricultural Sectors

·       Dairy products

·       Fresh fruit (apples, pears, grapes)

·       Poultry meat (chicken & poultry)

·       Red meat (beef & pork)

Commercial Sectors

- Automotive parts and supplies

·       Collision repair parts

·       Catalytic converters

·       Steering wheels and sound systems and generally all types of accessories.

- Electronic components

·       Antennas, radio and telecomm eq.

·       Capacitators

·       Cathode-ray tubes

·       Diodes

·       Integrated circuits

·       Printed circuits

·       Resistances

·       Switchboard and panelboards

·       Switches, relays and plugs

·       Wire and cable

- Energy sector

·       Drilling of work-over-rigs, to be used in the exploration, discovery, development, maintenance, testing, depletion or production of oil and natural gas wells

·       Electric capacitors, board panels

·       Electric motors and generators

·       Electric transformers

·       Electrical apparatus for switching; insulated wire cable

·       Fixed platforms for the discovery and exploration of off-shore deposits of oil and natural gas

·       Oil and gas exploration services

·       Rotary converters

·       Static converters

- Airport & ground support equipment

·       Air-conditioning

·       Aircraft launch gear

·       Airport security sound and camera systems

·       Baggage and cargo lifting and handling system

·       Cargo loaders

·       Conveyors and equipment

·       Dork lifters

·       Electric capacitors

·       Electronic integrators

·       Lamps and airfield lighting

·       Management consulting services

·       Parts for engines

·       Printed circuits

·       Radar apparatus and navigation systems

·       Regulation and energy conversion systems

·       Work trucks and self-propelled passenger carriers

-Housing and Construction

  • Aluminum doors and windows
  •  Bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Windows and window frames
  •  Doors and door frames
  • Electrical fixtures
  •  Electrical insulating tubes
  • Steel and iron doors and windows Parquet panels  wood
  • Plumbing fixtures 
  • Plastic doors and windows
  • Roofing products
  • Tubes and pipes  copper

-Franchising Sector

·       Entertainment concepts for children

·       Personal care services

·       Home care services

- Travel & tourism services

- Plastic materials/resins

·       Box and bag closures

·       Film

·       Fittings

·       Foil

·       Hoses

·       Pipes

·       Plates

·       Polefins in primary forms

·       Polymers and resins

·       Polymers of propylene

·       Sheets

·       Tubes

- Telecommunications equipment

·       VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

·       Wireless and broadband

·       Cable TV

- Environmental sector

·       Autoclaves for medical waste

·       Chlorinators

·       Desalination plants

·       Design and engineering services

·       Dust collectors, hazardous and toxic waste transportation equipment

·       Environmental engineering services

·       Irrigation equipment; primary clarifiers

·       Liners for landfills

·       Medical waste transportation equipment; bioremediation technology

·       Solid waste containers

·       Solid waste recycling equipment

·       Water leak detectors

·       Water meters

·       Water pumps

·       Water supply and distribution systems

- Low-income housing and rapid/prefab construction

- Security & safety equipment/services

·       Access control systems/scanners

·       Car alarms

·       Electronic security

·       Executive protection

·       Fire detection systems

·       High tech telecommunication devices

·       Information security

·       Personal defense items

·       Satellite tracking systems

·       Security locks and training and counseling for law enforcement agencies

- Hotel & restaurant equipment

·       Catering equipment

·       Food – temperature measurers

·       Food warmers

·       Freezing display counters

·       Stainless steel utensils

·       Tabletop centerpieces

- Intermodal transportation equipment

·       Assemblies for railway vehicles

·       Automatic unloading wagons

·       Chassis

·       Containers

·       Covered and closed cars

·       Diesel electric locomotives

·       Frame mobile and rotary cranes

·       Front loaders with capacity over 7 tons

·       Mobile platforms

·       Rail and tramway freight cars

·       Railway maintenance service vehicles

·       Self propelled cranes on tires

·       Traffic control equipment

·       Trailers

- Education & training services



Commercial Goods

- Renewable Energy

·       Wind turbines,

·       Lamps,

·       Regulators,

·       Solar panels

·       Batteries

- Hotel and Restaurant equipment

  • Electrical appliances
  • Chinaware, ovens
  • Other non-industrial items used in small and medium sized tourism-related businesses.

- Computer equipment

- Medical and Dental

  • Surgical masks
  • Gloves
  • Patient gratuities
  • Other smaller utensils and office supplies.

-  Building Products and Construction equipment

  • Steel and other building materials found in hardware stores including, tools, decorative items and bathroom fixtures.


  • Sectors require plastics as an input; chemical manufacturer, auto repair shops, computer equipment and peripherals, pharmaceutical, and agricultural producers.

- Tourism

- Vehicles, auto parts, and equipment

- Telecommunication equipment

·       Digital

·       Cellular and wireless telephone systems

·       Data transmission equipment

·       Fiber optic networks.

- Food Processing and Refrigeration Equipment

·       Cold storage rooms

·       Containers

·       Laboratory equipment for testing and product certification

·       Refrigerated trucks

·       Used equipment in good condition

Agricultural Goods

- Wheat

·       Spring wheat

- Corn

- Rice



Agricultural Sector

Commercial Sectors

- Wholesaling/warehousing

·       Clothing

·       Consumer electronics

·       Cosmetics/perfumes

·       Jewelry

·       Liquor/cigarettes

·       Pharmaceutical/medical products

·       Shoes

·       Watches

- Building Products

·       Gypsum board

·       Lighting

·       Roofing/flooring products

- Travel & tourism

- Telecommunications equipment

·       PABX systems

·       Radio trucking systems

·       Satellite-based

·       Telecommunications facilities

·       Wireless systems and fiber optics cable

- Computers and peripherals

·       LAN equipment

·       Laptops

·       Laser printers

·       Personal computers

- Construction equipment

·       Cranes

·       Earth moving machinery

·       Hydraulic excavators

·       Off road trucks

·       Wheeled loaders

- Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

·       Commercial air conditioning

·       Household systems (split systems)

·       Industrial refrigeration

- Electric power systems

  • Hydroelectric generators and thermo generators.

- Security and safety equipment

  • Electronic surveillance equipment
  • Fire and burglar alarms
  • Smoke detectors and safe/strong boxes
  • Car alarm systems
  • Safety equipment such as gloves, eyeglasses, harnesses, vests,

-Financial Services

  • Trade and commerce, mortgages and consumer lending.


  • House cleaning
  • Security services
  • Beauty services
  • Flower arrangements
  • Mail
  • Packaging services

- Ports and ship building equipment

  • Quay cranes
  • Container cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Top loaders
  •  Rubber tire gantry cranes
  • Power packs
  • Flatbeds


- Materials handling machinery

·       Cranes

·       Forklift trucks

·       Pneumatic elevators

·       Similar equipment

·       Small forklifts

Agricultural Sector


  • Spring wheat
  • small quantities of soft and hard red wheat

-Yellow corn




Agricultural Sector

- Biofules

- Meat

- Stevia

Commercial Sectors

- Computers and computer accessories

- Entertainment equipment

·       TVs

·       DVDs

- Toys, games, and sporting goods

·       Baby carriages

·       Sporting goods

·       Toys/Games

- Telecommunications equipment

·       Eventually greater land line coverage

·       Expanding internet services

·       Mobile phone service

- Paraguay-Parana waterway system or hidrovia

- Atlantic-Pacific Highway Project or Corredor Bioceanico

- Maquila assembly/distribution operations

- Hydropower sector



Agricultural Sector

- Hard wheat

- Cotton

- Yellow corn

- Soybean meal

- Whey

- Cheese

Commercial Sectors

- Mining industry equipment

  • Dumpers designed for off-highway use G.V.W. exceeding 20 metric tons
  • Crushing/Grinding machines for earth stone minerals
  • Front end shovel loaders
  • Vehicle Transport goods G.V.W. exceeding 20 metric tons
  • Dumpers designed for off-highway use
  • Tractors for towing designed for off-highway use
  • Mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders: machinery with a 360° revolving superstructure

- Plastic materials and resins

  • Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms
  • Polymers of propylene or of other olefins, in primary forms
  • Polyacetals, other polyethers and expoxide resins, in primary forms;
  • Polymers of vinyl chloride or of other halogenated olefins, in primary forms
  • Plates, sheets, films, others
  • Acrylic polymers in primary forms

- Construction equipment

·       Bulldozers and angledozers

·       Mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders

·       Motor vehicles for the transport of goods

- Industrial chemicals

·       Nitrile-function compounds

·       Phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates and polyphosp

·       Synthetic organic coloring matter

- Oil and gas field machinery

·       Boring or sinking machinery

·       Line pipe of a kind used for oil or gas pipelines

·       Tube or pipe fittings of iron or steel

- Telecommunications equipment

·       Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy

·       Insulated wire, cable and other insulated electric conductors

·       Reception apparatus for television, whether or not incorporating radiobroadcast receivers or sound or video recoding or reproducing apparatus

- Pumps, valves and compressors

·       Compressors, refrigerant recovery units, centrifugal and axial, and other including reciprocating and rotary

- Pollution control equipment

·       Voltage and voltage-current regulators

- Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

·       Compressors

·       Combined refrigerator-freezers, fitted with sep. exter doors

- Computers and peripherals

·       Portable automatic data processing machines, weighing not more than 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display

- Security and safety equipment

·       Locks for motor vehicles

·       Padlocks



Agricultural Sector

·       Bananas

·       Crops for bio-fuels

·       Palm oil

·       Rice  

·       Fishery and shrimp sector

Commercial Sectors

- Automotive Parts and Services

·       Car accessories

·       Car air conditioners

- Building Products

·       Bathroom accessories

·       Ceramic tiles

·       Concrete

·       Construction equipment

·       Copper products

·       Electrical equipment

·       Faucets

·       Locks and locksets

·       Plumbing equipment and materials

- Consumer electronics

·       Cell phones and related equipment

·       Computers

·       Electronic gaming

·       Home appliances

- Mining industry

- Bauxite

- Oil, gas, mineral products

- Forestry/woodworking


Trinidad & Tobago

Agricultural Sector

- Soybeans excluding seeds

Commercial Sectors

- Oil and gas field machinery and services

·       Casings and tubing for drilling

·       Drill pipe

·       Filtering or purifying machinery

·       Line pipe used for oil or gas

·       Machinery for liquefying air or other gases

·       Parts for gas turbines

·       Pumps and parts for filling station pumps

- Food processing and packaging

·       Equipment for distilling spirits

·       Food processing machinery and parts

·       Machinery for filtering and purifying water

- Automotive parts and services equipment

  • Batteries
  • Lubricants and other accessories

- Telecommunications equipment

·       Cellular equipment

·       Portable radiotelephones

·       Reception apparatus for color television

·       Telephonic switching apparatus and parts

·       Transmission apparatus

- Computers and peripherals

- Construction equipment

  • Heavy  equipment
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Roofing material,
  • Plumbing material and equipment
  • Kitchen
  • Bath supplies

- Tourism services



Agricultural Sector

·       Animal genetics (bovine semen)

·       Nutritional ingredients, dried fruits and nuts, cocoa paste/butter, additives, ingredients for the dairy and processed meat industries.

·       Pepper and other condiments, kiwifruit, grapefruit, tropical fruits, chewing gum, candy, bonbons, snacks, sauces, food preparations, chocolate, dehydrated potatoes, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, beverage preparations, and pet food

Commercial Sectors

- Telecommunications equipment

- Security Equipment

- Fertilizers

·       Ammonium

·       Diammonium hydrogen orthophosphate

·       Sulfate and urea

- Medical equipment

·       Angiography and angioplasty

·       Catheters

·       Cardiology and surgical equipment and supplies

·       CT scanners

·       Optical and dental instruments and supplies

·       Probes and scalps

·       Prosthesis and implants as well as other medical equipment and supplies in general

·       Supplies for blood transfusions and IV

·       X-ray equipment

- IT computer hardware

·       Boards, memory cards, ink cartridges, parts and accessories, discs, magnetic heads and cards

·       CPUs, monitors, magnetic discs, rinters, ATM equipment, hubs, network and digital equipment

- Renewable energy equipment

·       Boilers (local manufacturing exists)

·       Centrifuges

·       Distillery

·       Drying units

·       High efficiency transformers

·       Installation and maintenance training

·       Off-grid generation products and equipment

·       Plant safety

·       Power generation equipment and components

·       Pumps

·       Reactors

·       Research, design and project management

·       Security devises

·       Seed press

·       Settlers

·       Signal conditioners

·       Spare parts and accessories

·       Storage steel tanks

·       Turn-key projects for bio-diesel and ethanol plants

·       Washing equipment

- Chemicals

Polylatic Acid

·       Weed-killers based on Paraquat Dichloride

·       Products and preparations based on organic compounds

·       Fungicides for direct use in sanitary domestic operations

- Construction equipment

·       Mobile cranes, machinery for public works, off highway dumpers, self-propelled bulldozers, grader/levelers, fork-lifts, tractors, mechanical shovels, excavators, road rollers and many other construction related machinery and equipment

- Agricultural equipment

- Overview infrastructure projects



Agricultural sectors

  •  Wheat, corn, rice etc

Commercial Sectors

- Oil and gas field machinery

·       Automation equipment

·       Casing and piping

·       Control systems

·       Cranes

·       Double screw and submersible pumps

·       Drilling rigs

·       Flanges

·       Heat exchangers

·       Mechanical separators

·       Pipe taps

·       Valves and compressors

- IT equipment and services

·       convergence technology applications

·       ITIL infrastructure

·       mobile solutions

·       Open source-based software and hardware

·       security

- Telecommunications equipment and services

·       Added value IP solutions

·       Added value wireless equipment

·       GSM based services and solutions

·       Satellite equipment

·       Video, telephony, and data communications

·       Wireless Internet solutions and last mile solutions

- Auto parts/service equipment

- Electrical power generation systems and electrical equipment

·       Gas turbines (geothermal), generation equipment, transformers and steam & vapor turbines

·       Turbojets, turbopropellers and other gas turbines and parts; electric generating sets and rotary converters; parts suitable solely or principally with machines under headings 8501 or 8502; engines nesoi; electrical transformers, static converters and inductors; electric motors and generators (excluding generating sets); steam turbines and other vapor turbines, and parts thereof; and hydraulic turbines

- Medical equipment

·       Electrocardiograms

·       Electroencephalographs

·       Hearing aids

·       Hemodialysis equipment

·       High tech ambulances

·       Mobile intensive care units

·       Ophthalmologic and optical testing apparatus

·       Syringes, needles, catheters

·       Tomography and nuclear medicine equipment

·       Ultrasonic equipment

·       X-ray apparatus

- Chemicals


  • Restaurant software programs
  • Security cameras for store operations
  • Restaurant equipment and utensils
  • Dry cleaning equipment


- Travel and tourism

- Safety and security

  • Fire alarm/protection systems
  • Evacuation systems,
  • Personnel safety accessories; boots, gloves, hard hats, etc.
  • Access control equipment,
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Metal detectors for banks,
  • Drug and explosives detection equipment.













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